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What you need to know about 226-J letters from the IRS

It’s not easy and it’s not cheap, but you’ve finally figured out a way to offer health plans to your team members. It’s one of the best ways you’ve found to attract and hold on to great employees.

So why did the IRS just send you a letter saying you may owe penalties for failing to meet the Affordable Care Act’s “employer mandate”?

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Restaurant health care 101

Wondering how to offer health insurance to your employees? Check out these health insurance basics for restaurant owners.

Offering employees health-care benefits can set you apart from competitors who don’t, making your operation a more desirable place to work. A good first step as you explore what’s involved in the process is to find a broker, preferably one with experience setting up plans for restaurants your size.

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Major Opportunities in Open Enrollment Rollout

Do you suffer from open-enrollment issues? Check out these effective strategies to get employees excited about your health insurance plan.

Recruiting and retaining a dynamic workforce is the top challenge – and priority – of the restaurant and hospitality industry. With health insurance seen as the most desired benefit among employees, offering coverage is not just overhead. It’s an opportunity!

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